Forge Youth

Forge Youth is a christian project working with children and young people across Sheffield.

Our work has a focus on the more deprived areas of Sheffield, seeing lives changed on a regular basis. We are currently engaging with around 550 children and young people on a regular basis, we believe that there is hope and a future for everyone we work with and want to give them the opportunity to explore it.

We build safe, encouraging communities where children and young people can belong and explore a faith in God, as well as other positive life choices allowing them to experience life to the full.

We work in close partnership with many churches and other organisations across Sheffield and are a part of Network Church Sheffield.

Featured Story: The 10th SCYL Awards Night!

We have just completed our 10th SCYL awards night and our 10th season!

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  1. Forge Team BBQ

    Our annual BBQ for all our team and volunteers

  2. Summer Soccer School

    Forge Youth are running their first Summer Soccer School at Goodwin Sports Centre!

  3. Soul Survivor

    Forge Youth are going to Soul Survivor!

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