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About Forge Sports

Forge SportsWho are we?

Forge Sports is our sports outreach work.  Sport is a language in itself; it cuts across barriers and brings people together who might never normally cross paths. Many young people play sport week in week out...what an opportunity!

We want sport to be played with a positive and encouraging attitude. Whatever their background or whatever ability;

We want young people to have the freedom to enjoy sport as a gift from God without intimidation or pressure to perform.

We want sport to be played in a way that honours God and other people. We believe that by playing with respect for each other, with encouragement for each other and by trying our best; sport can be played how it was meant to be.
We want people to feel like they belong and are accepted in a community whatever sports group they might be in.
We want to create authentic and real relationships with young people and give opportunity to invest in their physical and spiritual well being.



In 2007 Forge Sports started their journey with 4 young people in a church youth group who wanted to do something they could invite their friends to. 

We started up a football session on a rainy Thursday evening  which eventually led to our FC Philly Juniors 11-a-side teams.  In the   middle of this we saw the opportunity to start a Christian league for young people in Sheffield.   We partnered with the SCEC (now named The Montgomery).  They had contacts from previous tournaments but no capacity to run one and we had to capacity but very little contacts.  With the support of Sheffield & Hallamshire county FA we stated the league in January 2009 with 12 teams.  From there we’ve grown to 25 teams with over 160 young people each week.

We have also ran different projects such as Forge Kids Camps and Philly Foxes netball.


Currently we are running the SCYL and our new Forge North Football project.  Take a look at the menu bar to see more about these projects.  Get in touch for more details on