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Glory Rev

Glory Rev is one of our biggest nights of the year. We pack a nightclub full of teenagers, have a huge party, and give them the chance to make a choice that will change them forever.

Glory rev has live music, giveaways, competitions and then we tell everyone about a God who loves them and give them the opportunity to say yes to him. At Glory Rev 2015 we had over 800 people packed into the 02 Academy in Sheffield and 180 of them chose to say yes, it was a fantastic night.

Glory rev is BIG, it is LOUD and it is GREAT!

Come and check out the next one on Friday 1st July 2016 at the O2 Academy.

Glory Revolution O2History

Glory Rev started in 2008 when the youth teams at St Thomas Philadelphia and St Thomas Crookes decided to work together to put on an event that could share the good news of Jesus with the young people of Sheffield, the first one started with a bang and over 400 people filled the Plug nightclub in the city centre. Pete James headlined and we had a party that people are still talking about

The next year more and more churches got on board, about 6 different churches worked together to put on Glory Revolutions in 2009, again seeing hundreds of people turning up to a massive party’s and many of them responding to the message and choosing to start an adventure with God. This was the year that we started working with TWELVE24, a band from the Message trust in Manchester who remain a big part of Glory Rev.

In 2012 Glory Rev partnered with Shine Sheffield, a citywide initiative bringing Christian artists into schools for a week of positive good news messages. This culminates with a Glory Rev on the Friday night that they are all invited to.

Glory Rev and Shine Sheffield have gone from strength to strength, with the hope and good news of Jesus brought to thousands of teenagers and big plans for the future.

Shine Sheffield is running 27th June - 1st July and this years Glory Rev is Friday 1st July at the O2 Academy.