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Leader Hub

Hello Leaders! Welcome to the leaders Hub!

First of all we'd like to tell you how wonderful you are and how blessed we are by the time you give up to serve and love the young people of Sheffield.

This area is for you to find any key dates you might need for the term and to fill out the important forms we ask are leaders to complete.  

Key dates for the year and information about the forms are below.  If you need to fill out a form, just follow the links.

For more information about these events please click on the events tab at the top to see the events diary and some of our events.

Key Dates for 2018/19

We now have our key dates for next year!

  • Saturday 6th October  - Leaders Day
  • Saturday 20th October - Forge Celebration Night
  • Friday 14th December - Forge Ball
  • Friday 1st - Sunday 3rd Feb - Big Weekend Away
  • Saturday 2nd March -  Leaders Retreat Day
  • 4th-16th March - Higher tour, 16th March Gig
  • Saturday 27th April - Leaders day
  • Sunday 14th July - Forge BBQ 
  • Saturday 3rd - Thursday 8th August - Soul Survivor

The Event Evaluation Form

One of these forms needs completing after every single event you run.  This is anything we do with young people - from small groups to Glory Revolution, from Gods Gangs to Messy Church.

The form is really important for 2 big reasons.  First of all, for best practice it's good to reflect on what we're doing and how it went to help us give quality youth and kids work.  We want to do things well.  Secondly, it's massively important for safeguarding and accountability.  It enables us to see what's been happening and gives the ability to record any incidents that happen at our events means we have a good professional list of event evaluations that we can reference to if needed.

This form is really important, it's not negotiable. Some weeks it might be really quick, others it might take a bit of time.  But please, for your own best practice and protection, fill this form out after each event!

The Significant Conversation Form

This form is to record any key conversations we have had with young people.  This often occurs in mentoring or 1 on 1 conversations.  If there is something you hear from a young person that you think might need reporting, fill out this form.  It allows you to show what was said they the young person and yourself.

The Electronic Communication Form

We need you to record any electronic communications you have with young people whether it be by email, text, facebook or other streams of communication.  It's a really quick and simple form to show what you have discussed and when it was discussed.  This is an important form to keep you and your young people safe when communicating in these ways.

Safeguarding Policy

If you would like to read our safeguarding policy please click here