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LegitLegit is a project that works predominately with young offenders aged 15-21 both in the community and in custody. In some cases we work with the younger age range as well. We believe that these young people are the world changers of tomorrow but need the opportunities to channel what has been used for bad for Good.

The work we do splits down into working in the community and in custody. It all joins together to help young people to live a Legit life rather than a life of crime.

In the community

Legit works in connection with Forge Youth who undergo youth work in the City of Sheffield, through providing prevention and intervention for young people to direct them away from a life of crime (see Forge Youth communities for more information on where and how this happens).

Legit partners with In2Out, which is a mentoring charity for young people, aged 15-21 in the criminal justice system. In2Out exists to support young people upon their release from custody into the community through providing them with a mentor. We support the Sheffield young people through this program.

In Custody

In the local young offenders institute we run a project called Reflex.  Reflex delivers outreach and accredited non-formal education programs. The programs are called MyLife and Urbanskills.

The Mylife programs provide a creative platform to explore learning and reflect on life experiences. Each program has been specifically chosen because of its ability to relate to and engage with young people.

The Urbanskillz program is designed to develop young people’s creative thinking and challenge negative attitudes.  It gives young people a platform of skills from which to positively express their feelings, thoughts and emotions and grow in confidence. We mainly do this through the art of hip-hop.

At the heart of what we do is supporting the chaplaincy team share the love of Jesus with the young people that find themselves in custody. We do this through spending time on the units, pastoral work and supporting bible study groups that run on a weekly basis.

Future work

The need for support in the community is vital and the main issues that face these young people are accommodation, employment and community. We hope to be able to provide young people with accommodation, employment and a community of good people around them to be able to have a stable environment from which they can start to make positive choices from.

If you have any questions or would like to get involved in any aspects of the above work. Please get in touch with Pippa Carter on