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Philly Youth

Philly YouthPhilly Youth is the part of Forge that is for 11-14's based at and out of St Thomas Church Philadelphia. We are all about Choosing relationship with God, doing that in Community and living out our faith with Courage.


Jesus said he came to bring us life in all its fullness. A big part of Philly Youth is about thinking if and how we want to take him up on that claim.
On a Sunday morning we get together at St Thomas Church Philadelphia to be thankful, worship God and look at what the Bible says about our lives.


We believe that we’re not meant to live life on our own.  Community, where we can share good times and bad, where we can know and be known, is really important.

We have a number of different small groups that meet during the week to get together, have a laugh and be good friends to one another.


Our faith should shape our whole lives, inside and outside of church.  Sometimes this means we need to be brave enough to do something different to the people and culture around us, to live life Jesus’ way.


Philly Youth is led by Sam Evans and his team of incredible leaders.  For more info email

You can find us at our base of St Thomas Philadelphia, 6 Gilpin Street, Sheffield, S6 3BL