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A Year in Philly Youth

As we get to towards the end of another year of Philly Youth, I am really encouraged when I look back and see how far God has brought us.  It feels like we are starting to see the result of a number of things we prayed for at the start of the year.

One particular example would be our talks on a Sunday morning.  We met together as leaders at the start of this term to discuss what we wanted to do with out young people.  One of the things we felt we wanted to try and give our young people was a sense of what it's like to be a Christian.  It had felt like we weren't quite managing to get them to think about following Jesus, as opposed to just listening to a talk.

We decided to spend this term having a large focus on hearing the testimonies of our leaders, so that our young people could see how we have chosen to follow Jesus (and perhaps something of how we haven't!).  I have been really encouraged by the response we have seen in the young people from this.  It feels like they have engaged well, and it has also enabled some great discussion afterwards as well.

Thank you Jesus for all you've done!


Steve Hipwell

Phill Youth

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