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Big Weekend Away 2018

In January we took the youth away on our Big Weekend, which this year took us to Castleton.  We had an amazing weekend together worshiping, learning about God and having amazing community through food, fun and a very wet and slippery walk which saw many of us slip, slide or roll back down the hill to Castleton!

We took groups away from Philadelphia, Kings Centre, Shiregreen, Firth Park and Arbourthorne.   We were really pleased to be able to bring so many different young people together in one place to help build community and unity across our work.

At the start of the year we also merged our work with the older KC youth and Revo together.  It felt like the weekend came at a perfect time in bringing those groups together and making the transition smoother. 

The weekend also saw seminars and sessions led by the young people themselves.  Some of our older youth led sessions on reading the bible, prophesy and helped lead worship. It is really encouraging to see young people step up in leadership, especially in front of their peers.

Weekends away are always significant times for young people.  When we take young people out of their usual context and have an intensive time to build relationship and give God opportunity to move, it is really fruitful.  In our small groups on the Friday evening we asked the young people what they wanted to get out of the weekend.  It seemed that by the end of the weekend, particularly after the Saturday evening meeting, that many of our young people had seen those things happen, whether it was getting to know people better or meeting God powerfully for the first time or in a brand new way.

We’re really looking forward to seeing what God does in the rest of the year.


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