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Changing Of The Guard

Wow so here I am, saying goodbye to Forge...

Being involved in the youth work at St Thomas’ has been an amazing journey for me, it began as an 11 year old, where two youth leaders showed me acceptance and consistency that I hadn’t seen anywhere else. When I became a Christian at 14 I very quickly I realised that this was what I wanted to devote my life to, to sharing Gods love and to raising up others to do the same.

As a teenager I was very aware of Gods heart for the teenage generation and just how important to him and the church they are, now that I’m in my mid-twenties my passion hasn’t changed, I still believe that if God changes the world he will do it with teenagers, and that they are the most fun, vibrant, exciting and important generation in the world.

It has been a huge privilege and one that I don’t take for granted to be paid to do what I love for the last 12 years but I am also aware that it would not have been possible without the church, our supporters, the incredible team that I have worked with or the young people that God has allowed us to serve.

God has done incredible things through the last 5 years of Forge, we have been able to work with thousands of teenagers and seeing hundreds of them healed, restored and brought into a relationship with a God who loves them.

I am so excited about the appointment of Sam as my successor, ever since he joined us at Forge he has been full of the characteristics that make Forge so special; a passion for the lost, a tenacity and never-giving-up attitude, an expectation that God will always do more and that his Kingdom will keep on expanding as well as a deep love of his heavenly Father. I am proud of the man and the leader that Sam has become but I am also confident that we stand at the beginning of a new season where both Sam and Forge will continue to grow. One of the greatest privileges you can experience as a Christian is to raise up a leader that you see sail past you, it’s the model that Jesus set with his church and I am looking forwards to seeing Forge grow from strength to strength under Sam’s leadership.

I am now looking forwards to taking on a church in North West Sheffield and becoming a vicar, something that I have felt called to for a long time. However I will never retire or grow out of youth ministry, for the rest of my life I will maintain that reaching the younger generation should be front and centre of any churches vision. I’ll miss you all so much and it is with a real sadness that I close this chapter of my life, be cheering Forge on from the sidelines and look forwards to celebrating calling the city back to God together.

Also please give them money.

Our new Forge Youth Leader is Sam Evans.  Sam has been involved with Forge Youth in a number of roles since 2009 and is coming back to work for us after a couple of years working for a number of other charities including some work in Africa. 

He recently got married to Nikki and they both enjoy walking in the Peak district.  His new role will involve some oversight of all the areas Forge Youth work in, as well as leading and resourcing the team.  He will also be leading some youth work in the city. 

“I have really enjoyed my first few days working with Forge Youth.  It is a really privilege to lead such an amazing team of staff and volunteers who make up the ministry. It has been wonderful to hear so many inspirational stories about young people who have had their lives completely changed by Jesus and his love. 

One of the things that has really impacted me is seeing many of the young people I work with when I first started.  It impresses me to see how often they volunteer and serve Forge as adults.

Dan has certainly left some big boots to fill, however I am confident that together with Jesus we can not only continue the great work that Forge is doing, but see the ministry bring God’s love and hope to even more young people throughout Sheffield”.

This is a brand new chapter for Forge Youth and we would love your to stand with us and pray for Sam and Dan as they both start their new roles.

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