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Glory Rev

This July I had the privilege of coordinating Glory Rev, an event for teenagers across the city in partnership with Shine Sheffield.

They ran a 5 day programme in several schools across Sheffield, who hosted a variety of fantastic bands including Good Weather Forecast, LZ7, BrightLine, Twelve24 and local band MHF, who are all passionate about reaching young people with the Gospel through music.

The youth absolutely loved having the bands in their schools throughout the week; singing along to some famous tracks, dancing and engaging with the Gospel message the bands gave. The schools work created a great build up and excitement for the huge Glory Rev event on the Friday night, which we hosted at the O2 Academy.



It was incredible to see over 1,000 young people from across the city, and even some who had travelled from Doncaster and Manchester attend. There were live performances from each of the bands, competitions, merchandise stalls, hundreds of glow sticks and of course a powerful Gospel message from Lindz West of LZ7. Hundreds of young people were moved by the message that he shared and 180 teenagers responded, inviting Jesus into their lives.

Working behind the scenes of this event was great because not only did I get to work with such incredible bands but during the Friday night event I was able to every now and then take a step back and see how much the young people were enjoying the evening. It was really powerful to see so many youth responding to the Gospel and gathering around each other to support those who had made that decision.

After the response we link up the young people with local youth workers in their community.

I am so excited to see how the event grows next year and see more young people make that decision to invite Jesus into their lives.

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