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Going Deeper - The Langsett Story

We have had youth work on the Langsett estate for around 10 years: it has been such an honour for me to lead this youth work for the last 5 and to live on the estate where all of our young people live.

I love how kind God is, that he knows what we need when we need it and that he allows us to partner with his kingdom moving on the earth. Over the last few years we have felt God saying that we need to go deeper with him and that this is the only way that we will see our young people choose this too. This has involved regular prayer rhythms with our team, community and other churches in the area.

We have seen that our own choice to go deeper has, in many ways, affected our young people’s hunger.

They have more questions than they have ever had – including ‘does God like cook-ehs?’ – which we decided he most definitely does. We have explored different questions that we would ask God if we could ask him anything and these have developed deep discussions. We have encouraged our young people to explore who God is and to listen to God for words of encouragement and wisdom for one another. We have prayed for healing for each other and seen God do healing miracles - which is such an amazing experience for our young people. Sometimes this year they have seen these amazing things happen and have really believed in who God is and what he can do but other times they are still not even sure that God is real and that he really does care.

Most of the young people we work with have many sad things happening in their lives over time and these events definitely affect their faith in God.  Discipling these young people through the joy and the sadness of life is such and honour, God is really moving and changing their hearts but we still believe that there is more for them and what them to take hold of the wholeness of who God is. I am so thankful for every person who has gone before us to prepare the ground for these new seeds to grow and I am really hopeful that God will deeply impact and transform their lives. Please be praying for us as we start Youth Alpha this term that they all gain an understanding of who God and how constant and deep is his love for them. 

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