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Higher Nights

We have partnered with the Message Trust and other organisations in the city to host some of the Higher Nights outreach gigs in South Yorkshire.

Music artists from the Message Trust spend a day in a local school and deliver lessons or assembly’s on topics such as bullying, self worth and perform some tracks. 

All the young people in the school sessions and in local youth groups and churches are invited to a gig in the evening at a venue local to the school.  The artist performs and shares the gospel with the young people and gives opportunity for them to respond if they would like to.

Forge Youth hosted the first Higher Nights before Christmas in Shiregreen.  Then in March we had the big push with 4 Higher Nights gigs happening.  Forge Youth hosted 2 of these nights through our work and partnerships with schools and churches in Pitsmoor and Arbourthorne.  There were also nights in Doncaster and Rotherham.

Over the 3 gigs we have hosted, we have seen 69 young people respond to the gospel and receive prayer!

It is an incredible privilege to see God at work in the lives of young people and we have loved being part of that.  It is also wonderful to partner together with schools, churches and other organisations across the city and see unity happening in the city of Sheffield.

We are excited to see what God is going to do in these weeks following up from the Higher Nights gigs.  Three young men who are part of the football work in Shiregreen responded at the gig before Christmas.  Since that time we have been able to have very real conversations with them and pray for them every week.  This is just 1 story of many that we are sure will develop over the coming weeks.  Please be praying for the young people who responded and as we follow this amazing response.


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