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New Beginnings


Pitsmoor is an estate in the North of Sheffield.  We are working closely with three churches that have asked for us to go and help them by running some youth work in the area; to work with the young people on the streets and also the kids that are attending church.

When we started in September, we only saw the young people from the churches. But working with another local youth club we managed to go and meet young people in the area and now we have doubled in numbers.  This is just with being in the area and offering another place for the young people to go that is not the street or in the cold on the run-down basketball courts.

Since we’ve been in Pitsmoor one of the young people from the bible study that runs just before the youth club has given his life back to God and chose to affirm this on his own at another youth event.

The area gets a lot of negative press and the young people from area get automatically associated with this.  I have been moved by the young people being so open to youth clubs in the area and that they have made it a place for them and their friends.   We want to see the youth club continue to grow, for the young people to be renowned as loving and for gang culture to decrease.

Forge North Football

The SCYL (Sheffield Christian Youth League) has been running well and running since January 2009.  We have young people from all around who come down to play in the league.

We know that not every young person would be able to make it to one central venue so we decided to start a new hub up in the North of Sheffield at Concord Sports Centre in Shiregreen. 

In April this year we ran a pilot project after talking to our local youth clubs and ran a tournament each week.  This went well and after securing lottery funding we started again this term launching Forge North Football, Monday nights at Concord Sports Centre.

There were less young people around with the nights being colder and darker, but we made a big push using our links with Firth Park Academy and Sheffield International Venues who both really wanted to see the project work and have seen this pay off.

It’s very early days but with some hard work and prayer we can get a great football league going that will be an incredible resource for youth work in the North of Sheffield.


We started Hillsborough Youth in September and have had a lot of fun since opening the doors at Hillsborough Park Pavilion on Tuesday nights.

So far we’ve done some great activities as requested by the young people along with the usual pool, wii, crafts and refreshments.

This term the over-arching theme has been ‘God loves us, how can we show that to those around us?’ We have been talking about themes like encouragement or leadership. We then try to take this into our weeks and see where we can give an encouraging word, a random act of kindness, or lead our peers well.

The team and I have been really encouraged by how well the youth are engaging with what we talk about and their commitment to come each week and really get stuck in. While we can teach them things and be role models to them, we also learn so much from them and it’s been a huge blessing working with them. God is gradually raising the spiritual temperature, which is great to see!

We would love to expand the youth club and reach even more young people in the local community.  Giving them the opportunity to come to a regular club with positive activities.

We have also started a Stomp club in Hillsborough which is before the youth club and is for 7 – 11 year olds.  The club has a bit more structure and fun games whilst looking at similar topics to the youth club.

Please pray for the current young people at both clubs and pray that the clubs grow over the new year.




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