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Rachel Stone - 8 Incredible Years

I can't believe it all started 8 years ago: Rich Atkinson and I were having a coffee and he described my dream job.  He said they were looking to employ someone to run some youth work in Sheffield but preferably in the North of the city on the estates and preferable with the kids that don't yet know Jesus and are often getting into a lot of trouble.  

After a Gap year with the Message trust in Manchester and completion of a youth work degree this was a job I had only dreamed of.  Now looking back at my time on Forge I have had so many 'I can't believe this is my job' moments both good and a few bad.  It's been a wonderful journey of working out how best to serve the young people in the North of the city and how we can see them reach their full potential.  

There are times I have felt pretty helpless and times where I can't believe the change in a young person’s life.  I have taken young people to Liverpool, Wales, Edale, Sweden and Uganda, on weekends away and longer trips too but all in a bid to give young people a new life experience and an opportunity for them to connect with God.  

I have learnt so much being at Forge and I will never forget all the memories that I have made, late night detached in the snow, rainbow coloured nails, thousands of cups of hot chocolate, tears, laughter and most importantly the privilege of young people who have chosen to share their life with me and I have seen grow up and become lovely men and women.  

I also have done my fair bit of growing up while being at Forge from a fresh out of uni 22 year old I have learnt so much about myself, the people around me and what it looks like to have a real relationship with God.  

After 8 incredible years of working at Forge I feel God is moving me on, I'm excited for the next chapter and I will be forever thankful for the family I have made while being at Forge.  

If anyone wants to keep in touch about what I am up to next please feel free to contact  


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