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Revo Weekend Away

In November 23 of us from the Revo community headed off to Helmsley, North Yorkshire for our weekend away! The theme for the weekend was ‘Be Strong and Courageous!’ based out of Joshua 1:9. We looked at how we as disciples can go into our schools, work places or conversations and be bold and courageous about sharing the Gospel with other people.

It was absolutely amazing to see so many of the youth engage with this topic as this term we have been focusing a lot on mission, how we do it and why we do it.

Six of our young leaders also lead short devotionals before each of our morning and evening sessions. They were absolutely brilliant at leading and have really shown how they have grown and stepped up in leadership over the last few months at Revo. They shared stories with us, read Bible verses and lead reflective activities for us all to do.

As well as all this, we had great fun playing games, getting competitive in teams and playing hunt the leader on the Sunday morning! Not to mention the number of pranks and forfeits passed around over the weekend!

These weekends away are essential for our community as they are a key time for the group to bond, and build better relationships with one another, as well as to get us all excited about the next few terms and all that God is doing in and through the group and individuals.

I am really excited about the next few months and terms for Revo and have been greatly encouraged through conversations with youth since the weekend about the mission and conversations they have been having with their friends.

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