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Roo Roberts - My Forge Journey

Roo is an amazing team member who has just left us to go to Romania and has shared her journey with Forge Youth over the last 5 years...

I've had the privilege of being a part of the Forge team for the last 5 years and I can't even begin to count the fruit I've seen since my initiation through the fire of Parsons Cross youth group in 2009. I've loved meeting young people from all over the city, sleepless weekends away (let's not mention the Legendary Wales trip!!), girls days, fundraising escapades and decorating for forge celebrations.

I've had the privilege of seeing young people surrender their lives to Jesus and discipled into deeper relationship and the pain of seeing them make poor decisions. I've enjoyed living alongside and building family with the amazing young people of Langsett over the last four years. The JOY of seeing them engage with God and learn to her his voice, the PAIN of being pelted with one of Damdam's snowballs! They are all amazing and I'm so excited to see who they grow to be over the next few years!

But most of all I've been blessed to be a part of this amazing team of laid down lovers from whom I've learnt that there is always hope, always restoration, always beauty.

I've seen the impact of stopping for the one, the importance of investing in the next generation, the power of choosing to love and choosing to speak life. They and the beautiful young people I've worked with over the last few years have taught me how to love, how to pray, how to persevere and now I'm taking these amazing lessons with me to love on the Romanian and Romany people - thank you to all the forge team for all you've taught me and for standing with me as I go. I cannot commend this team highly enough to the rest of the church, they live the gospel and sacrifice so much for the kids and young people of this city. If you can get involved with or alongside them in any way I guarantee you will be blessed tenfold the amount you give!

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