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Soul Survivor 2015

We had an amazing week at Soul Survivor and you have helped make it happen.  We needed to raise £2000 this year and you have helped us raise the incredible £1700 we have so far.  You have given young people the chance to encounter God in an amazing week.  We took 50 young people plus team, some of whom have never been to church before, never mind Soul Survivor.  Amongst all the fun and events, we saw young people healed, worshiping like mad to Jesus, responding to his word, encountering God for the first time and 3 young people gave their lives to Jesus! Thank you for your support.  Here’s just a handful of testimonies...


I had problems with my hamstring and pelvis so I had reduced flexibility in my legs. I got prayer for healing and after Soul Survivor I had another physio appointment and she was shocked at how much more flexible my legs were: They are completely back to normal!


Never experienced God as much as I did, so thankful for this experience.  Bring on Soul Survivor 2016! 


Enjoyed Soul Survivor so much, loved getting to know people and experiencing even more about God.  Thanks to everyone and the leaders for a great few days. What a great experience being in that atmosphere, God was filling up the area with his spirit. 


I've had a really bad back for years.  Recently it has been hard to walk without pain in my back. I got prayer and my back is fully healed, I can bend and there's no pain in my back!


God released joy in our young people, they seemed so free from the burdens I know they face in their home lives. During the worship they threw themselves into singing and dancing - even though many of them have never set foot in a church and they are still singing the songs now.


Two of the girls we brought had had a significant loss in their lives, their dad died two years ago and it has been difficult. God released some things in them, including a false responsibility for their mum.  It's amazing to see God setting people free.


One of the Forge leaders gave a word from God to me that made me feel really warm inside and was such a surreal and amazing feeling.



This is just a handful of testimonies, we're so thankful for what God has done and for all your support, thank you!



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