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Soul Survivor 2016

This summer Forge Youth made their annual trip to Soul Survivor.  We had an incredible time where God really moved and young people built closer ties across different groups within Forge Youth and beyond.

We want to say a massive thank you to all those people who gave their time, effort and money to make the trip happen, you guys are truly incredible.

We wanted to share with everyone a couple of stories from young people over that week. Take a look below...


"Going into Soul Survivor, I felt that my faith was very weak. I was plagued with doubts about God and the Bible's teachings.  At the very first meeting, the leaders made a point that stuck with me throughout that week: It's not about the religion, it's about the relationship with God. 

For a long time, I had doubted in God because I had never experienced His presence. I learned there that you cannot just expect God to prove Himself to you, you had to ask Him. All these, and other pieces of information learned there, made me strongly reconsider my faith.

At the Wednesday evening main meeting, I made the decision to give my life to Christ properly, instead of just accepting what my parents believed in. After going up to the front, I was consumed with the most extraordinary peace.

I now speak with God and read my Bible a lot more. Soul Survivor was really transformative (not to mention fun) and I would recommend it to people with questions about their faith and want good answers to their queries, and people who grew up as Christians and are starting to doubt their faith."


"Before Soul Survivor I would call myself a Christian and I knew of God, but I felt like I didn't have a relationship with Jesus and decided I wanted that for myself.  I had a fab time at Soul Survivor and loved getting to know people and getting closer to them. It was also exciting to hear my friends speak in tongues and to serve Stafford on mission by helping with a kids youth group."


"I was absolutely taken by the worship: Standing there and singing in the presence of the Holy Spirit is such an amazing experience.  God really used that to bring me a sense of peace.  A couple of days in I had a sharp back pain and I was prayed for after the morning meeting.  Immediately afterwards, no pain! God is Good!"


"Everything about Soul Survivor was incredibly insane! God healed me in lots of ways throughout the time we was there.  There were lots of tears!  I learnt a lot more things about God and how he changes people’s lives around in lots of different circumstances and situations.  Definitely going again next year!"


"Soul Survivor was incredible and this year I really got to understand that God accepts everyone for who they are.  All the leaders were amazing they made my time the best week possible."






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