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About the Area

Upperthorpe is an inner city estate the centre of Sheffield. We have been running youth work in the area for over 10 years. We are committed to seeing our community transformed and changed with the love of Jesus, the power of prayer and the restoration of relationships and family.

What we do

We know a lot of young people across the area, we have got to know these young people through various methods over the years including: detached, youth clubs, football, cooking sessions and small groups.

We currently run a football team which are in the SCYL – this team came out of working in partnership with the local youth work agency – ZEST. We meet with the boys every Friday to take part in the SCYL but we also build relationships with the boys outside of Fridays – taking them out for milkshakes etc.

We also run a girl’s cookery course in partnership with ZEST. This runs every other week on a Tuesday evening. The course has come about as some of the girls at the youth club wanted to learn cooking skills. We try lots of different recipes and are learning about healthy eating choices and food from all over the world.

We also run a detached youth work program during the Summer and Spring which allows us to form new relationships with young people in their environments.

If you want to know more about youth work in the Upperthorpe area please contact Ruth and Ali Smith at: