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Although what we do in each area might look different, we have the same 5 values running throughout our work in every area:

We have HOPE in young people

We believe that there is a HOPE and a FUTURE for every young person in Sheffield and that they have value and worth. We believe that they can all overcome their circumstances.

We have FAITH in God

We are Christians and believe that God is real, that he loves our city and that he wants to be a part of our lives. We believe Jesus transforms lives by his work in and through us.

We raise up LEADERS

We believe in the potential of all of our young people and team. We invest in young people to release their potential as leaders in the world. We have raised up many young leaders and seen them grow, change and take hold of who they are.

We create authentic RELATIONSHIPS

We invest over the long term in the children, young people and communities we work in.  We do this throughout all our work with team through regular time together and within our clubs and smalls groups.  We encourage community at every level - through eating together, talking together and sharing our lives with one another.

We do everything in COMMUNITY

We are scattered across the city because we believe that it is important to invest in our communities and this is why we have locally based youth work.  This way it is easier for young people to belong, to invite their friends and build a sense of community.